We are ModelEarth

Here at Terrain at ModelEarth we design and manufacture a range of resin and mixed media terrain pieces in support of our favourite games and manufacturers. With a combined 70 years of model making and design experience we have worked with some of the world’s biggest games companies and most accomplished figure sculptures to bring worlds to life.

Utilising the most modern technology, we pride ourselves on the high quality of all of our products, with an expectation of perfection in every one of our products. By drawing together the most suitable media for each project you can be assured of the finest model possible with which to grace your wargames table.

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with other companies. If you are developing a game or a figure range and would like to add a supporting range of scenery we would be very happy to discuss your needs. We follow a “whole table” philosophy in our terrain design process, recognising that the visual aspect of your table goes a long way to creating and supporting the character of an army.¬†We are happy to pause in our quest for world domination to discuss any aspects of terrain modelling with you.

Please note that our kits are supplied in un-primed resin/brass. We do offer a custom painting and weathering service to those who would prefer to buy finished items.